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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to change from the Pharmacy I am currently using?

No, Any Pharmacy with a computer can use our system.

What is involved in getting Setup with your Electronic MAR (eMAR)?

Impact to your facility is minimal - each med-cart will need a laptop (even an older used laptop will do), and a hand-held barcode scanner.

Who can access the Nursing Homes information after the system is installed?

This system is a secure web-based computer product. The following are the ONLY people who can access your system

1. Nursing home staff
2. Pharmacy can fill your scripts through a Pharmacy code (No more faxes back in forth each month to reconcile the orders)
3. Physicians can access through Physicians code

We currently have a Medication, Treatment, and Injections books. Can your system document treatments and injections?

Yes, our system is set up to handle all 3 categories.

Who inputs the residents data in the system?

We will do a bulk import of your residents and their meds automatically from your pharmacy.

My staff does not have many computer skills, how much time will it take to train my staff to use your Electronic MAR (eMAR)?

Your staff could learn to use the system in short amount of time. (30 minutes) The system will not let you move forward if mistakes are made.

All they need to do to pass a med is: scan the residents barcode, scan the barcode on the medication, and ChartMeds will tell them what they need to do from there. It is that simple!

What happens if the Internet goes down?

ChartMeds is designed to handle connectivity issues. Even if your network connectivity goes in and out, you will still be able to pass meds.

When the Internet connection comes back up, everything will syncronize automatically.

How does the system work in my facility?

Laptop computers with wireless capability get placed on each medication cart along with a barcode scanner to scan the barcodes.

Why should I use this system in my facility?

Reduction of State deficiencies, reduction of medication errors, reduction of medication dispensing liability, reduction of labor cost, ensuring the patients 5 Rights.

Can you interface with my pharmacies' computer system?

Yes, we have an architecture that allows us to interface with most pharmacy systems.