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Pharmacy Benefits

Increasing Profits and Attracting New Business

With margins thin and new regulations putting pressure on already labor intensive operations, streamlining your business is no longer optional.

Here is how pharmacies can increase their bottom line without disrupting their operations:

Get out of the MAR business (you don't belong there!):

You probably don’t even think about why the pharmacy is responsible for the MAR; it is just ‘the way it has always been’.

Consider this though; the facility has the patients, the facility has the physicians and the facility is the one who has constant contact and knowledge about the individual.

Does it make sense for an outside contractor to keep track of such an intimate part of the facilities’ business?

To make matters worse, maintaining the MAR is a part of your business that can cripple you; both in labor and materials, as well as the tension it can create between you and the facility when the inevitable mistakes are made. Your business will rise and fall on MAR performance and this burden should be put back where it belongs.

Whenever a script is entered or modified in our system (by the facility), it is instantly documented on the MAR and sent to you electronically.

Decrease the time-on-phone to near zero – no more unreadable scripts:

Scripts are entered by the facility and sent to you electronically. All documentation of the MAR is automatic.

No more printing reams of paperwork with each med drop:
The entire MAR is produced and maintained by the facility; each time they enter or DC an order, everything is documented automatically.

Set yourself aside from the competition when competing for new business:

When we partner with you on a potential client, we will not offer our services to any other pharmacy that is competing for that same business. This gives you a big advantage. Facilities love our product and will have to go through you to get it.

Keep existing clients longer:

Since we will be providing an integrated solution with you, the facility will have an incentive to stay with you. If they decide to seek other vendors, there will be a painful transition for them as they would have to re-verify and synchronize data with the new facility.

Improve relationships between you and the facility:

When filling thousands of scripts, every step of the process has a potential for human error - on both sides of the transaction.

When a facility does not receive expected fills, the resulting tension will get old quite fast. When the facility thinks they sent a fax but you never received it, you are automatically blamed.

With our detailed audit trail, there is never a question about whether or not something was sent.

Maintain a bullet-proof audit trail with no extra work:

Whenever anything happens to an order, we know who, what, and where it was done.

Attract new business:

Many pharmacies work with long term care, but few do it right. When you are one of the best, word of mouth will keep a steady stream of new clients seeking you out.

Send and receive Rx’s electronically with no transaction fees:

The monthly fees include unlimited electronic prescriptions.

Reduce your labor force:

You already know the amount of time you spend on the phone clarifying scripts, etc., as well as pouring through the MAR line by line making sure it is correct. Imagine not having to do that….

Focus on what you do best – fill and deliver excellent quality:

You are trained and proficient on your core business; leave the paperwork to us.

All for about $375/mo for each 100 residents:

Our monthly fees are $7.50/mo per resident which is normally shared between the pharmacy and the facility. The facility receives benefits from the system far beyond what we can describe and they all realize it has a cost involved. With costs this low and benefits this high, this is an investment you cannot afford to be without.

Facilities love it! It reduces their pass times by about 30-40% and virtually eliminates dispensing errors:

The benefit to your customers cannot be quantified in dollars and cents. In addition to controlling their labor costs, it helps prevent adverse drug events due to dispensing errors. To see how feature-rich and easy to use our system is, just visit our home page at and see why they get so excited about us. For more information, Click Here to e-mail our Director of Sales.