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Antibiotic Stewardship

Immediately see any potential medication issues [...]

Transfering Residents to accute care is a mouse click away. [...]

Keeps track of each pass and how long they take. Get trends easily. [...] Enter other physician orders detail and capture them here. [...] Always know your patient census and your trends over time. [...] When an auditor asks you how many meds were dispensed in a certain classification, just print this off. [...] See at a glance how many meds there are to pass throughout the day so you know how you need to staff up. [...]
Easily keep track of medications that have been destroyed. [...] Auditing Controlled Substances is a mouse-click away. [...]
This may not look familiar to you as you may be used to unreadable hand-written documentation, but this is an actual MAR. Everything is documented and readable. [...] ChartMeds tracks how successful your staff are and measures their time to complete each resident. Easily get a graphical representation and compare personnel to see why one is more successful than another. [...]
If your residents have barcoded charts, Print off barcodes with a single mouse click [...]
Real-time information on how each pass is progressing. [...]
Real-time information on all PRN medications dispensed. [...] When you have meds that require a blood pressure, pulse, or other input, get a graphical representation of how each patent is trending. [...]