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For the last decade, we have been helping

Long Term Care facilities and pharmacies streamline their business with our Electronic MAR (eMAR) system. Using our system, there is no more communication problems between the pharmacy and facility as everything is electronic and contains an audit trail. This alone saves you many hours per month of phone time clarifying scripts, etc.


With the cell phone alerts, we can take care of the situation immediately, and no errors are made.
Maquoketa, IA
Impressive. So efficient that I work with fewer people
Jackson, MS

I can see exactly what my staff is doing in real time
Clear Water, FL

We Have More Than 10 Years of Experience

Get a Text Message sent to your phone before errors occur!

Getting discrepancies from an audit is no fun and can have serious implications for your business. Whether your facility is defect free or has had challenges, we can keep you on track. Rest easy knowing your staff is doing it right.

We have been pioneers in electronic MARs (eMAR) before automation was cool

Our experienced and highly qualified staff know your pain and how to fix it.


Our affordable all-inclusive price includes...


Unlimited phone and
e-mail support.

We will train your key personnel and provide as much support as they need (typically they don't need much!) and ensure a smooth transition from paper to Electronic MAR (eMAR).

Electronic Prescriptions

Your orders are sent electronically to your Pharmacy of choice without transaction fees. No more phone time clarifying unreadable scripts, getting the wrong order, etc..

Setup, Integration and
Management Tools

We charge no additional fees for setup and integration with your pharmacy's system. Management tools give you a birds eye view of everything happening in your facility.